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A Control-Click on a hypertext link in Safari, Explorer, DEVONagent or iCab


The Add Bookmark CMI (Contextual Menu Item) plug-in adds a special command to the Contextual Menu when you Control-Click on hypertext links on a web page and when you Control-Click on a selection of text (any app).

Web Browsers that support Contextual Menus: Safari, Explorer, DEVONagent and iCab.


With the Add Bookmark CMI plug-in you can Control-Click on a hypertext link in a browser window and then choose "Add Link to URL Manager Pro" from the Contextual Menu.

You can also Control-Click on a bookmark or a selection of bookmarks in the Favorites Window of Explorer and choose "Add Links to URL Manager Pro".


The plug-in also works with Apple Mail and Eudora, for example. Just Control-Click on a URL and you can bookmark the URL with the command "Add URL to URL Manager Pro".

Note: BBEdit also supports the plug-in.


See the screenshot above (Safari) for an example:

See the screenshot below (Eudora) for another example:


A click on a selection of text in Eudora

How to install

The name of the CMI plug-in file is "AddBookmark.plugin" (Mac OS X) or "Add Bookmark" (Mac OS 9).

To install:

  • Mac OS X: just Drag and Drop it to ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items/
  • Mac OS 9: just Drag and Drop it to the System Folder in the Finder and restart your Mac
Note: You might need to create the folder Contextual Menu Items in the ~/Library/ folder.

Version History

Version 1.4 is a Universal Binary and adds support for Apple Mail and DEVONagent.


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