Favorites Window


In the Favorites Window you can organize five sets of bookmarks. These five sets are: "Favorites, Explore, Friends, FTPs and Daily". The first two sets and "Daily" are meant for http URLs. Collect your favorite e-mail addresses in the Friends set and your favorite FTP URLs in the FTPs set.


The Favorites Window.

The Explore menu in URL Manager Pro and the Explore submenu of the shared URL Manager icon menu will "mirror" the contents of the "Explore" set.

Besides the Explore submenu in the shared URL Manager icon menu, you will have a Friends submenu in your E-Mail application and a FTPs submenu in your FTP utility.

The FTPs set is also used to present to you a list of FTP directories in the Save Remote As... and the Remote Preferences... dialog.

The Daily set is used to contain a small number (say 5) of Web Pages that you might want to read each day. Click the "Browse All" button and URL Manager will open all the Web Pages simultaneously in your Web Browser. You can start reading the page that loads first. During that time the other pages will download too in the background.

The command Read Daily from the shared URL Manager icon menu is the same command as the clicking the "Browse All" button. Read Daily is also available from the Mondriaan Control Strip Module (Control-Click).

There are some limitations for the Favorites window. You cannot create or drag and drop folders and you cannot drop files on it.

Note that the Favorites window is not related in any way to the Favorites of the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser.


Please end URLs that specify directories with a slash "/". To edit password protected FTP URLs, select the bookmark and then press the User ID... button. You can enter your user id and password there.


You can also have access to the five sets of bookmarks via the Mondriaan Control Strip Module. The Mondriaan Module is shown below. It is the most right module in the strip.


The Control Strip.

Click on each of the four colors to get to each set. Note that Internet Config must be installed for Mondriaan to function correctly.

Control-Click on the Mondriaan module to select Read Daily from the popup menu.

When you have edited your sets in the Favorites window of URL Manager Pro and have performed the Save command, you can update the Mondriaan module as follows. Hold down the Control key and click on the Mondriaan module. Choose Reload from the popup menu. Mondriaan will now list the new contents of the four sets.

Click on the small black arrow to go to a Web Page about the Dutch painter Mondriaan.