The Mondriaan menu extra or 'menulet' for Mac OS X


Unfortunately, Mondriaan is only supported on PowerPC Macs.


Mondriaan is a menu extra or 'menulet'. It appears as an icon in the upper right corner of your Mac OS X menu bar (see above). On Mac OS 9, Mondriaan is a Control Strip Module and appears in your Control Strip.


The Mondriaan Control Strip Module for Mac OS 9

Mondriaan is included with URL Manager Pro, the professional bookmark manager for Mac OS X.

Mondriaan has five sets of bookmarks that you configure from the Favorites Window (use the Edit menu of URL Manager Pro). The five sets are: Favorites, Explore, Friends, FTPs and Daily.

Mondriaan is ideal when you need to access some web sites quickly and don't want to launch the URL Manager Pro application.

How to Use

Click on each of the four colors to get to each set of bookmarks in a menu. Clockwise, this is: Explore:white, Favorites:red, FTP Servers:blue, Friends:yellow. Use Control-Click on the Mondriaan icon to get access to the Daily set. The Daily command opens a set of bookmarks in multiple browser windows simultaneously.

Hold down the Option key to open the bookmark in a new browser window.

Hold down the Command key to open the bookmark in a new tab (Safari)*.

Hold down the Control key to copy the URL of the bookmark to the Clipboard.

*You must have the Safari Preferences 'Enable Tabbed Browsing' and 'Select new tabs as they are created' enabled.

Tip 1: You can rearrange menulets by Command-dragging them horizontally.
Tip 2: You can remove menulets just by Command-dragging them off your menu bar.

How to Install

*You will also need to install MenuCracker. You can download MenuCracker here. MenuCracker is necessary to remove a blocking feature that Apple put in by default in Jaguar. In Jaguar, Apple blocks all third-party menulets.

Note: The path to the menulet is stored by Mac OS X in: ~/Library/Preferences/

What's New in 1.5

What's New in 1.4

What's New in 1.3

What's New in 1.2

What's New in 1.1.1

*Note: it will copy the URL plain, in brackets (< >) or in HTML anchor format according to this preference.

What's New in 1.1

What's New in 0.6

Note: Under Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) Mondriaan appears as a folder in the Finder.

What's New in 0.5

You need to log out and then log into Mac OS X again to notice the update.


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