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Conversion to URL Manager Pro 3.0

URL Manager Pro 3.0 issues and the move to Mac OS X are described in the FAQ.


Question: I use iCab. Does URL Manager Pro work with iCab?

Answer: Yes, but please use the version 2.6 or higher. Please download URL Manager Pro 2.7.

SpaceSaver (StuffIt)

Question: I get errors when I try to save my URL Manager document.

Answer: Unfortunately, SpaceSaver 5.0 is incompatible with URL Manager Pro. Fix: download SpaceSaver 5.0.1

Netscape 6.0

Question: Why do the Shared Menus not work with Netscape 6?

Answer: Netscape 6 does not support Shared Menus. Please contact their development and ask them to support the so-called 'Shared Menus Protocol'.


Question: Are their incompatibilites with GoMac?

Answer: I've tried URL Manager Pro control strip module 2.5 with GoMac's 2.02 Hide Bar option turned off. With the option turned off, URLM CMS worked with no problems.

Screen Font

Question: The screen font in URL Manager documents suddenly changed. How do I specify my screen font ?

Answer: Mac OS 8.5 users can set the 'Views' font via the Appearance Control Panel. You can also use Internet Config to specify your screen font, but you need to enable the preference named 'Use IC Font' in Preferences/Look And Feel in URL Manager Pro 2.7 or higher.

Toolbar Disappeared

Question: The Toolbar and its buttons have disappeared. Why?

Answer: Uncheck the "Hide" option in the Window Header section of the Preferences Dialog and then relaunch URL Manager Pro.

Shared Menus do not show in Navigator

Question: The URLM Shared Menu Icon does not show up in the Netscape Menu. Why ?

Answer: Apparently, both Net-Print and URLM fight over the same space on the menu bar and Net-Print wins. Remove the Net-Print extension and the URLM icon comes back. Or you can change Net-Print's preferences so that it now appears in the file menu instead of as an icon.

Navigator's Menubar

Question: When I run URL Manager Pro Navigator shows less menus in its menubar.

Answer: It's just the kiosk mode of Navigator. In the Shared Menus Preferences of URL Manager Pro, uncheck the option "Set Kiosk Mode At Startup" and then relaunch Navigator.

Icons turning black

Question: URL Manager's icons in the Toolbar are turning black. Why ?

Answer: There is a conflict between URL Manager Pro 2.0 and "Spell Catcher" 1.5.8 from Casady & Greene.

With the Spell Catcher control panel installed in the Control Panels folder, the color palette of URL Manager is altered so that the square buttons in the Toolbar and in the Helper Dock are almost impossible to read. Specifically, the background of each button becomes black, and the text of each button becomes blue. This occurs no matter whether the Spell Catcher functionality is turned on or off in the Spell Catcher control panel.

The problem is solved by using Conflict Catcher to advance the load order of the Spell Catcher control panel to load after the Now Toolbox extension, but before all other extensions. You can also change the load order by changing the name.

Auto Start URLM

Question: I use Netscape Communicator 4.01a and URL Manager Pro does not automatically launch anymore with the Auto Start URLM extension.

Answer: Please use the new version 1.6.1 or higher of AutoStart URLM. Download.

Answer: In the PPP Control Panel (button "Options..." and tab "Connection") uncheck the box : "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications". You will need to manually start PPP connections after you uncheck this box. I advise you to download the PPP Menu extension.

Reload Bookmarks and MSIE 3.0

Question: Reload Bookmarks adds bookmarks instead of replacing the previous contens of the Favorites menu. Why ?

Answer: This is a bug of MSIE 3.0. Explorer should empty the Favorites menu first.

The problem is a bug in Explorer in combination with the fact that you have the Automatic Reload button set to "On".

The Reload feature of UMP should replace the contents of the Bookmarks or Favorites menu in Netscape/Explorer. With Netscape this works OK. However, Explorer always adds the bookmarks to the menu instead of replacing them ('Reload').

Because you have set Automatic Reload button set to "On" (look at the buttons in the top of the window of your document) it adds them each time you open the document. Set this button to "Off".

As long as this button is "Off", this bug won't bother you anymore.

Surf Express Bug

Question: Is there an incompatibility issue with Surf Express and URL Manager Pro ?

Answer: Yes. Connectix has a fix. Please download their 1.1.1 or later version.

Netscape Navigator 2.0 and 3.0

Question: When Netscape Navigator is launched after I double click a bookmark in URL Manager the Web page of Netscape's Home is loaded. How do I change this behaviour ?

Answer: In Netscape's Preferences set the Start with option to: Blank Page.

Question: I have both Navigator 2.0 and Navigator 3.0 installed. How can I make URL Manager launch the right version ?

Answer: In URL Manager's Preferences set the Search Helpers By Name option.

Netscape Communicator 4.01

Question: When I use Communicator I get AppleEvents errors and Add Bookmark doesn't work.

Answer: You need URL Manager Pro 1.4v8 or higher.


Question: How do I transfer the bookmarks from WebQuick to URL Manager Pro ?

Answer: To export from Web Quick 1.4:

To read in detail how this procedure goes, read this description.


Question: What about the shared menus from Frontier.

Answer: You cannot have both shared menus from Frontier and URL Manager in your browser.

If you need or want to show the shared menus of Frontier, follow these steps:


Some users report compatibility problems with YA-NewsWatcher 2.4 when Shared Menus in URL Manager Pro are enabled.

RAM Charger

Important: The program "RAM Charger" causes URL Manager Pro 1.4 to crash if you have more than one program running that supports shared menus. Disable "RAM Charger" for the applications that support shared menus.


Question: Do I need to use the GURL Handler ?

Answer: No. URL Manager has special code to talk to Eudora.


Question: Can I use URL Manager with the AOL Browser ?

Answer: You need version AOL 2.7 or higher to be able to double click and then open URL Manager bookmarks.

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