Tour of URL Manager Pro

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This tour will show you some of the features of URL Manager Pro.

Getting started

URL Manager Pro's document window shows a hierarchical list of bookmark and bookmark folders. The toolbar of the document window is customizable and URL Manager Pro features the standard Window menu. You can select the screen font via the standard Fonts Panel. You can add notes to bookmarks and while you move the mouse over the clipboard icon, your note is displayed in a tool tip.

document window
- The document window of URL Manager Pro -

With URL Manager Pro you can create a number of bookmark files and organize and manage them professionaly. URL Manager Pro defines a central repository of bookmark files for you, called the Cabinet. You place the bookmark files in your Cabinet (which is in your Documents folder) and in URL Manager Pro you then have easy access to them via the Cabinet toolbar item of the toolbar.

- The Cabinet toolbar popup menu item -

In your browser, you have access to the Cabinet via the Bookmark Menu Extra or Dock Menu.

Dock Menu
- The Cabinet submenu of the Dock Menu -

Bookmark Menu Extra

With the Bookmark Menu Extra you have access to your bookmarks from within any application, including your browser. The Bookmark Menu Extra is in the right part of your menu bar, where the sytem menus and 'menulets' are also located.

Using the Bookmark Menu Extra, you can add bookmarks, launch bookmarks, open bookmark files and switch between your bookmark files.

Menu Extra
- The Bookmark Menu Extra -

Add Bookmark

When you bookmark the current web page, besides editing the name of the bookmark and adding a note, you can specify the destination bookmark file and bookmark folder. When you have selected text on the web page, that text is automatically copied into the note field.

Add Bookmark Window
- The Add Bookmark Window -

Search Bookmarks

Enter the text you want to find in the Search Bar below and you'll get a list of search results. Select a search result and use the Action menu to perform a command on the found bookmark.

Search Bar
- The Search Drawer Window -

Manage Bookmarks

You can validate bookmarks quickly using the Validate command. You can also find duplicate bookmarks using the Find Duplicates command.

- The Validate Progress Window -

Import Bookmarks

Do you have bookmarks stored in several browsers? URL Manager Pro can import the bookmark files of Safari, Explorer, OmniWeb, Firefox, Camino, Mozilla, Netscape and iCab. You can also import URLs from TEXT, HTML and XML files and address books from several programs.

- The Get from Browser command -

Export Bookmarks

Do you want to export your bookmarks to another format? Use the Export command to export your bookmarks to HTML, XML or TEXT.

- The Export command -

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