With the Remote submenu under the File Menu you can download and upload bookmark files to a FTP server. URL Manager Pro uses Fetch or Anarchie to do the actual FTP transfer.


Start with the Remote Preferences... command. Select the remote directory from the popup menu. The available choices in the popup menu are defined by the FTPs set from the Favorites Window. Enter the name of the remote URL Manager file, so that URL Manager knows which file to look for when you use the Get command to download a URL Manager document.


If you add or delete entries from the FTPs set in the Favorites window, you need to choose the Remote Preferences command again. Select your default FTP server in the popup menu. This will ensure that the Save and Get command will use the right FTP server.


Use the command Save to upload the current open URL Manager document to your remote directory.

Use the command Get to download the remote URL Manager document to the URL Manager Pro Folder.

Note: URL Manager adds the extension .bin to the remote filename automatically.

Shortcut: hold down the Option key while choosing Save or Get to change your default remote directory.

With the Save Remote As... command you can also upload a file, but you can specify to which format. In this way you can publish your bookmarks on the WWW in HTML or MCF format, for example.

Moreover, on dial-up connections, the commands Open PPP and Close PPP are added to the Remote submenu.