Release Notes : version 3.5-3.6

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URL Manager Pro
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Version 3.6b1, Released February 2nd, 2011

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What's new in 3.6

These are the new features:

*Google Chrome is the new web browser from Google.

What's new in 3.5

These are the new features:

  • Spotlight compatible
  • Colored bookmark menu items
  • Support for the iCab 4, Camino 1.6, SeaMonkey and DEVONagent web browsers
  • Improved Bookmark Import and Export from the various browsers
  • Improved support for the Auto-Tab folder attribute
  • Add Bookmark CMI plug-in updated to a Universal Binary
  • Available is a Tour of URL Manager Pro on the web site

What's fixed in 3.5

  • Leopard compatible (including Tiger and Panther)
  • Updated to use Leopard style folder icons
  • Drag and drop of hypertext links from Firefox to URL Manager Pro.
  • Firefox import of bookmarks

Discussion of the new features


URL Manager Pro can now use the power of Spotlight to search your hard disk for words in your bookmark files.

Enter the word you are searching for and Spotlight will list the bookmark files, if any, that contain these words. Click on one of the bookmark files found and URL Manager Pro will come to the front and the bookmark containing the search word will be selected. Use the menu command Find Again to find the next bookmark. example

URL Manager Pro comes with a Spotlight Importer plug-in, which indexes your bookmark file anytime you save your bookmark file. (The Spotlight Importer plug-in is located in the Library folder inside the URL Manager Pro application bundle and is a Universal Binary.)

Besides indexing, the URL Manager Pro Spotlight Importer plug-in will add some meta data to your bookmarks file. It will add a Bookmark and Folder count. Please have a look at the More Info section of the Get Info Window of a bookmark file in the Finder.

Colored menu items

As some URL Manager Pro users may remember, URL Manager Pro supported colored menu items in the bookmarks menu on Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9. It reflected the label color the bookmark was given using the menu command Label from Bookmark menu. With the transition to Mac OS X this feature was lost. However, it is now back again starting from Mac OS X 10.3 and higher. You can see some colored bookmark menu items here: note the screen shot of the Bookmark Menu Extra in the Abstract below.

Auto-Tab folder attribute

You can enable the Auto-Tab folder attribute using the Get Info window on a folder of bookmarks. Selecting such a folder from a bookmark menu will open all the bookmarks of the folder in tabs in the current browser window. These folders can now be more easily recognized: they have a special icon in the URL Manager Pro bookmark window and in the Bookmark Menu Extra.

Add Bookmark CMI plug-in

The Add Bookmark Contextual Menu Item (CMI) plug-in is now a Universal Binary. Support was added for Apple Mail and DEVONagent. The Add Bookmark CMI plug-in is documented on a special web page. You can install it from the URLs preference pane in URL Manager Pro's Preferences.


URL Manager Pro features a system-wide bookmark menu: the Bookmark Menu Extra (see below).

Bookmark Menu Extra

- The Bookmark Menu Extra -

With the Bookmark Menu Extra you have access to your bookmarks from within any application, including your web browser. The Bookmark Menu Extra is in the right part of your menu bar.

Using the Bookmark Menu Extra, you can add bookmarks, launch bookmarks, open bookmark files and switch between your bookmark files.

With URL Manager Pro you save your bookmarks in bookmark files that you create and have full control over. You can create and manage several bookmark files and have easy access to them via the Cabinet feature of URL Manager Pro (see the Tour).

I have a FAQ web page which can help you with some questions you might have. Please read it carefully. In particular, please note that your Cabinet and Startup Items folder should now be located in the Bookmarks folder in your Home directory.

URL Manager Pro 3.5 is a PowerPC application (not yet Universal), but runs fine under Rosetta.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher (i.e. Panther or Tiger or Leopard).

Localized in: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Previous release note: version 3.4.


The URL Manager Pro 3.5 costs $25 or €20. You can purchase URL Manager Pro via:

Upgrade Policy

This is a free upgrade for URL Manager Pro 3.x users. If you need to install URL Manager Pro anew, you can query a new valid registration key here.

The upgrade for version 2.x users to version 3.5 is $14.95 or €11.95.

URL Manager Pro Upgrades can be purchased via:

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